Improve your maintenance significantly within 2-3 years with the Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS) approach!

Bilfinger's holistic solution is based on comprehensive know-how and decades of experience through a large number of maintenance partnerships. The reliability of plants is increased and maintenance is optimized.

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How do you assess HSE in terms of performance (LTI's, TRI's, rate of sick-leave, incidents and near misses related your maintenance organisation)?
How do you assess maintenance cost in terms of budget compliance, development and transparency?
How do you assess availability (uptime) in terms of equipment utilization and reliability?
How do you assess planning and scheduling in terms of work orders (details, accuracy, duration and weekly plan)?
How do you assess execution in terms of performance of the maintenance activities (safety, quality, efficiency and in time)?
How do you assess systematic improvement in terms of responsible persons, procedures (well know and used) and budget (calculated and sufficient)?
How do you assess your maintenance organization and management in terms of description of roles, responsibilities and ageing?
How do you assess training programs in maintenance in terms of availability of required maintenance personnel (qualification, capacity and critical competence)?
How do you assess CMMS (e.g. SAP, Maximo, …) in terms of fulfilling the operative maintenance requirements?
How do you assess the state of your plant maintenance strategy and performance in terms of digitalization?